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Litterature - Page 3

  • Florian ZELLER sera à Londres


    L’ambassade française de Londres reçoit Florian Zeller le 7 juin à l’occasion de la sortie en Angleterre de Fascination of Evil.

    La rencontre aura lieu à 19h30 au:
    23, Cromwell Road
    London SW7 2EL

    Harold Pinter, prix Nobel 2005, devrait assister à la cérémonie...

  • Florian ZELLER sera à Amsterdam


    Un cycle de conférence est organisé le 6 juin à Amsterdam autour de Florian Zeller à l’occasion de la sortie en Hollande de son troisième roman.

    La Fascination du pire a connu dans ce pays un destin particulier : quelques mois après sa sortie, le cinéaste Van Gogh a été assassiné par des extrémistes musulmans après avoir réalisé des films jugés islamophobes – de même que, dans le roman, Martin Millet se fait assassiner avec la publication de son livre. La ressemblance troublante entre les deux histoires avait fait réagir la presse hollandaise : « En France, l’un des écrivains les plus doués de la nouvelle génération littéraire, Florian Zeller, a publié, il y a quelques mois, un roman très déroutant dans lequel il décrit avec exactitude le drame compliqué que nous sommes en train de traverser. »

    Les conférences du 5 et 6 juin auront pour thème la liberté d’expression, la littérature et la religion.

  • Nouvelles actualités de Florian ZELLER

    D'après le Figaro du 30 avril, Florian Zeller sortira son quatrième roman en septembre chez Flammarion en même temps que Christine Angot. Par ailleurs, sa troisième pièce de théâtre sera jouée au théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Une rentrée qui risque d'être chargée.

    La discussion reste ouverte sur le forum.

  • Article sur Lovers Or Something Like It

    Voici une petite pige sur Lovers Or Something Like It  publiée sur http://www.varsity.co.uk

    What Florian Zellar writes of ‘new lovers’ could ironically be applied to the genre of his own medium,

    "Yes, that is the comical illusion of new lovers: like children, they speak of eternity; like bad poets, they believe in the power of what they are saying; and like us, they drown in the saddest form of cowardice, banality."

    Much of the romantic fiction of today is bad poetry floundering in banality, (and this is coming from an adamant chick-flick fan, and somebody who wilfully believes every sickeningly sentimental word of Love Actually) but Florian Zeller’s Lovers or something like it, is far from it. Zeller is a barely post-pubescent French 25 year old who lectures at the University of Political Science in Paris. Yet his startling prose is a far cry from what the title and the Mcfly-like, carefully messed up blonde hair of the photo in the inside cover would suggest. Zeller’s novels leave you breathless from the start, with prose, cynical, yes, but perceptive and staggering right from the first page,

    "Today, I feel as if I have nothing but my past left to live."

    Sounds pretentious? Maybe, but the cut glass directness and fragmentary style gets you straight to the point. His writing is simultaneously lyrical and flounce-free in its directness. This creates a prose as beautiful as a quiet sadness. Zeller writes as if compelled to offer naked truths and, as such, the subject matter leaves you feeling wiser without surrendering ones idealistic hope that somewhere, in the future, there may be a way to love which isn’t as desperate and isolated as those suggested in the novel.

    The lovers are diametrically opposed, Amelie can only think of herself as loved when she imagines herself missed and Tristan himself longs for the admiration of many. They fail to love another, rather they love a reflection of themselves in another’s eyes – and mistake this narcissistic fantasy of self, as love for the person they paint it on. Tristan admiring his own profile in the adoration of many females, seeing himself victor, Amelie indulging her morose desire, “The obsession with her own death testified to that, the fear of not being missed by anyone. She always believed that her life would take on its real meaning once she was dead.”

    Yet Zeller has more to say about modernity, even closer in line with our own Cambridge-centred existence.

    "Tristan is imprisoned in a sphere, since all the desirable objects that surround him are at an equal distance from his own self. He cannot decide which he wants most."

    In a community of the ‘all-rounder’ the ‘extra-curricular deity’ the ‘drinking society elite’, Zeller’s perceptive idea, “The sphere is the figure of modern immaturity.” seems frighteningly acute. How many students embark on an endless round of formal hall swaps, always keeping open the possibility of potential, and as a result achieving nothing meaningful at all? How many people embark on everything they can, resulting in not enjoying anything at all – of even forgetting what they enjoyed in the first place? Zeller elaborates,

    "And modernity, it seems to me, is haunted by the fantasy of keeping oneself in this state of pure possibility. I would like to be able to become everything. Not to lose any door on the infinite number of possibilities. We come to desire everything, everything and its opposite. But desiring everything and its opposite comes close to not desiring anything at all, and quitting existence."

    The modern Hollywood idea of love is not only narcissistic but passive. People expect love to happen to them, to ‘fall in love’ and seek an unattainable perfection in both partner and the state of being that they associate with a heady feeling of love. Perhaps, rather, the attention should be on active loving (no boys, this is not sex) Rather than being loved, than falling in love, perhaps, this valentines day, one should try to actively love. Love your lover, love your friends, love your family, love literature, love this book. ‘Lovers or something like it’ – read it. It might change your life.

  • Fascination of Evil, dans quelques mois

    La traduction anglaise de La Fascination du Pire - Fascination of Evil - sortira le 31 Mai 2006.

    Voici ce qu'ils en disent:

    About the book

    medium_fascination_of_evil.jpgWhen the narrator receives an invitation to visit Egypt as the guest of the French Embassy in Cairo, he anticipates a boring week of literary discussions and official dinners. He certainly does not foresee the extraordinary events that will ultimately lead to murder. From the start, his fellow author - Martin Millet - seems determined to stir up the tensions that underlie the politeness of Egyptian society. He offends Islamic sensibilities with his views on art and the novel, and worse: his entire stay degenerates into an obsessive search for an Egyptian woman willing to have sex with him. The atmosphere is one of mutual mistrust, bordering on open dislike, not just between East and West, but also between the two authors. As the narrator finds himself dragged ever deeper into Millet's obsessions, he begins not only to fear for his own and Millet's safety, but for the future of Western civilisation. When Millet disappears, he inevitably fears the worst...